Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Khaki Love

Khaki jacket-gift, Zara bright peach top and heels, Topshop lace skirt and jewelry, Diva ring.

I realized I haven't written new post for so long! I'm just getting quite wack with all these exams what start this week. I just needed to relax and ease up and that was what I've done yesterday. I won't lie-it was pretty cold  though I've even been happy to this because I finally had a chance to wear this jacket which has been granted by one sweet boy. I've always loved and guessing will never stop loving khaki color cause it looks pretty nice along with my eyes (exactly the same kind of green color) and blod hair. So,thowing this light jacket on, I combined it with such a forgotten skirt and neon orange top. As for shoes, they are absolutely new and that's why I love Zara so much-they always know how to make you not going out from their store without any purchase!

I cannot promise you I will post something during two next weeks cause as I've said before my exams begin this week only and I have 2 exams per week. So,good luck to me and I'll see you as soon as possible!

Much love,M.


  1. i wish my future girl would dress like you and beautiful as you <3!!!

    Love love love the whole look! <3

  2. Gorgeous babe!! Love the heels and the colors so much!