Friday, May 11, 2012


New Look top,  Vintage denim jacket, H&M ring, Topshop pants and belt, H&M sandals.

Casual days-casual outfit. I comletely have nothing interesting to tell you about. Because all these previous days,I was studying studying and studying again and all others daily pursuits. I am still getting ready to pass my exams and I am getting enough nervous about it but I hope everything will dessapear as soon as possible. 

Here's my casual look which has been taken right after school.I won't lie-these pants are one of my favorite pair and this purchase was really random,well they say "Best purshaces are randoms ones" and I definitely agree with that. I am really sorry for not posting as much as I used to, but I promise that I will do my best.
Have a nice weekend everyone!

Much love,M.


  1. Very simple but chic outfit - great trousers!

    Micah x

  2. cool out fit just reminded me to dig out my denim jacket:)

    1. Oh really? I love this one pretty much but I don't like to wear the same things all the time,I always need a change :). Thank you so muchyou got a nice blog!