Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Lovely May

New Look knit, Zara white skinny jeansParfois necklace, Respect heels.

Hello everyone!I am so sorry I haven't post for ages,I was so busy getting ready to pass all my exams though I promise to improve this situation.
I hadn't time to notice how fast time has gone however the first day of May feels totally great! I am really delighing the weather we have here,in Saint-Petersburg cause it's just getting hotter and hotter which definitely makes me happy!
Fanally  I can wear less clothes and just feel more free.I am also getting tanned a bit,though you cannot see it because I am quiet pale. So,for not seem too pale,I decided to wear brighter clothes wearing such simple clothes like these white pants and this pale orange jumper.I really loved it,especially weird and nice color of this! Hope,you also like it :)

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  1. wow des beau photo j'aime bien ton blog <3 :)